This entire website is dedicated to my fellow Redhorsers of the WWII 113th Cavalry Group Association, "The Redhorsers Inc."

I myself am not an original veteran of the WWII 113th Cavalry Group. I'm an amateur historian who is conducting some major research, realized a few memorial plaques and markers and convinced some Dutch municipalities to name streets after officers or enlisted men of the 113th Cavalry Group in their town. 

For my personal efforts in keeping alive the spirit of the 113th Cavalry Group "Red Horse", I received in 1995 an honorary membership of the 113th Cavalry Group Association "The Redhorsers Inc." as well as a medallion from the Adjutant Generals Office Iowa Army National Guard.

With this website I hope to give you all some additional information about the 113th Cavalry Group (Mechanized) during World War Two.  

                                                                                                                                                               Arno Lasoe






The Saga of the Red Horse ( short account of the groups combat operations 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
The story of B Troop 125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) (active)  
"REMOUNT" The story of James D. Newton ( personal experience while with "C" Tr, 125th Cav Rcn Sq ) (active)  

"Memories of ........ A SOLDIER"  The story of Arnold E. Harjehausen (active)
( personal experiences  while with the 113th Cavalry Regiment and the 125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron "Mechanized" )

Commanding Officers ( 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
Organization Charts  ( 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) ( 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)  ( 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
Transportation and combat vehicles ( used by the group 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
Signal Corps Footage (active)  
113th Cavalry Group in World War II ( 1993 video created by 135th PAD IANG ) (active)  
Photographs  ( 1944 - 1945 ) (active)  
Identification assistance wanted (active)  
Fiddlers' Green ( the cavalry poem ) (active)  
Roll of Honor ( list of fallen troopers  1944 - 1945  ) (active)  
Point of Contact (active)  

General Corlett Foundation ( my  U.S. Army XIX Corps website ) (active)


 This website is created and maintained by Arno Lasoe, Heerlen, The Netherlands.

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