Arnold E. Harjehausen

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with the 125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mecz) in World War II




I wrote two books on genealogy, one on the Harjehausen family and one on the Grewe family. I often remarked about how much more interesting they would be if each person had sat down and wrote a little bit about his or her life.


After reading Tom Brokaw's book, "The Greatest Generation", I stopped to think it was my generation and maybe I should write about my experiences. More people are becoming interested in World War II and more soldiers, sailors, and marines are writing about their WWII experience.


Chaplain Ben L. Rose sent me a copy of his memoirs to be proof read. That brought back a lot of memories. I enjoyed reading it and verifying some of the material. His book gave me the incentive to get started.


I tried to include all of my personal experiences and other interesting experiences. I included some of the actions of our unit so that you could visualize when and where it happened. I tried to keep it simple and to the point. If I failed to do this, you will have to excuse an eighty-two year old man.


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