-TON, TRUCK (4 x 4)  


This vehicle, also known as "Peep" or "Jeep" is one of the outstanding automotive developments of  World War Two. Developed by the Quartermaster Corps, it and other motor transport vehicles were transferred to the Ordnance Department in August 1942.


It has been found useful in a variety of ways, and despite its light weight has been able to function under rigorous conditions.  The truck is capable of operations over unimproved roads, trails, and open, rolling, and hilly cross country. It will climb a 60% grade, and will operate at a speed of 65 m.p.h. on level highways. It can ford a stream 18 inches deep, while fully equipped and loaded. it has a cruising range of approximately 300 miles on 15 gallons of gasoline.


Towing a 37mm  antitank gun, it will climb a 7% grade, and can achieve a speed of 20 m.p.h. on a level highway.


Power is supplied by a four-cylinder L head gasoline engine equipped with a counter-balanced crankshaft. The clutch  is a single-plate, dry-disk type. The transmission is of the three-speed, syncromesh type, which, through a transfer case, provides six speeds forward and two reverse.


The vehicle has internal-expanding hydraulic four-wheel brakes and a mechanical handbrake.


A base plate is provided for a pedestal mount for a cal. .30 or a cal. .50 machine gun.


Provision is made for a lighting socket connection for a trailer, and for a radio outlet. The windshield could be folded down over the hood when desired. A removable canvas top is provided.


A tandem hitch makes it possible to use two of these vehicles for emergency towing of a 155mm howitzer. When used in that way, speed is limited to 30 m.p.h. on level highway, and 10 m.p.h. down hill.


The vehicles are produced, to identical specifications, by the Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., and the Ford Motor Company. The 113th Cavalry Group was fully equipped with vehicles build by the Ford Motor Company.




Standard vehicles in the -Ton, 4x4, class are the Weapons Carrier, Telephone Installation Trucks, and the Ambulance. -TON Carryall Truck and  -Ton Command and Reconnaissance Truck are Limited Standard. The vehicles have top governed speeds of 54 m.p.h.  They are capable of operation over unimproved roads, trails and open, rolling and hilly cross country with a towed load Wheels are equipped with 9.00 x 16, 9-ply tires. The engine is of the liquid-cooled,  6-cylinder, L-head type, and clutch is of the single dry-plate. Power is transmitted from the four-speed selective gear transmission through a short propeller shaft to the transfer case, and thence to both front and rear axles. The vehicle may be driven with all four wheels, or with the rear wheels only. 


A power take-off is provided on vehicles equipped with a winch. Service brakes are hydraulic, internal-expanding, and handbrakes are mechanical, external-contracting. Wheel and tire assemblies are interchangeable, front and rear. Pioneer tools, two five-gallon liquid containers and a fire extinguisher are furnished with each truck. The trucks are available with or without a winch. The vehicles are manufactured by the Fargo Motor Corporation


-Ton, 4x4, Command and Reconnaissance Truck, used to provide transportation for staff officers in the field. The vehicle is adapted for radio installation, including a 12-volt electrical system and U.S. Army standard 55-ampre output generator. Provisions are made for an antenna mount.




-Ton, 4x4,Weapons Carrier was designed for all arms and services, and used to transport weapons, tools and equipment. The body is of the commercial pickup type, with a removable canvas top mounted on three bows.  Troop seats are provided within the body. Inside body dimensions are 72 x 48 inches. In lieu of a driver's cab, the vehicle has a seat box on which are mounted two bucket seats. After the removable canvas top was removed the windshield could be folded over the hood.


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