On 10 September 1944, elements of the 113th Cavalry Group crossed the Meuse River in VII Corps sector at Liege, Belgium and then started to move north and northeast with the main goal of creating a bridgehead for XIX Corps in the Argenteau area.

On this footage you will see members of Troop "A", 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron reinforced by a platoon of Troop "E", 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron and from Company "I", 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division advancing along the eastern bank of the Meuse River between Liege and Vise on 11 September 1944.

Furthermore you will see, members of the 30th Infantry Division crossing the Meuse River in small assault boats in the Argenteau - Vise area to link up with the troops on the eastern Meuse River bank.  

On this day, the 113th Cavalry Group lost Corporal Gene B. Crees, Private Robert L. Price (both Troop "A", 113th Cav Rcn Sq) and Corporal Francis E. McNeish (Troop "E", 113th Cav Rcn Sq).  The 117th Infantry Regiment lost  Technical Sergeant Marshall A. Hogins and Private William D. Sanders. 






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